Quality Factor

Publication conditions

Publication in the journal 28/05/2020

Articles are published in author’s redaction. The material must have real scientific data and written by the author himself. These are high-priority demands.

To publish and article the author must observe following clauses:

  1. Complete the author’s blank to input the data into the list of current issue’s authors.
  2. Save the text in “.doc” or “.docx” format. Prepare it according to formatting rules. Send a letter with an article attached to editorial e-mail: public@tsh-journal.com It is recommended to send a letter form the e-mail specified during registration.
  3. After accepting the article for review we’ll notify you via e-mail. This process takes up to 2 business days.
  4. Pay for a publication in scientific journal. You can find detailed information on a “Pay for a publication” page.

The journal is issued monthly. The material for a publication is prepared at the end of the month. “The scientific heritage” contains only those articles that successfully went through the review and was paid for due time. 

We want to punctuate the authenticity of the material. Sending the article to the editorial the author confirms it’s uniqueness and takes full responsibility for possible consequences for breaking copyright laws.