About journal

ISSN 9215 – 0365

“The scientific heritage” is a specialized journal oriented on a scientific community . 

“The scientific heritage” is an interdisciplinary publication. It publishes articles of young scientists from educational institutions, experienced candidates for a higher doctor’s degree and established scientists. The journal covers all scientific fields without exception. We publish articles that inform a community about the scientific studies and their results. The publication is distributed in digital libraries and gets to many universities. Students, undergraduates and established scientists can examine your work.

“The scientific heritage” journal covers all possible scientific specialties:

  • Physics and math sciences
  • Chemistry sciences
  • Biology sciences
  • Technical sciences
  • Agricultural sciences
  • Historical sciences and archeology
  • Economical sciences
  • Philosophy sciences
  • Philological sciences
  • Legal sciences
  • Pedagogical sciences
  • Medical sciences
  • Art criticism
  • Psychology sciences
  • Sociological sciences
  • Political science
  • Cultural studies
  • Geoscience

Your work goes through blind review before being published. It is presented for review to independent experts, whose field of expertise is similar to your own. The identity and the information about the author is kept secret at this stage. Blind review is done to assure that the censor views your work clearly, without potential bias for the identity of the author or author’s accomplishments.