Quality Factor
VOL 1, No 44 (44) (2020)

Dear colleagues!

We provide the researchers an ability to state their scientific activities and to exchange valuable experience not only within the borders of the nation, but within the international community as well. The journal publishes scientific studies, reports and reports about achievements in different scientific fields. We print the journal in English, Hungarian, Russian, German, Polish, French, Ukrainian.

ISSN 9215 — 0365

“The scientific heritage” performs a role of a productive channel to exchange information between Europe and other world. Students, postgraduates, candidates for a higher doctor’s degree and research scientists can now show their work for established European scientists to check.

Periodicity: monthly.

Issuing an electronic journal is a solely right solution, considering global transition to online information search systems. Hence we show your work to the world audience as soon as possible. Over 2.7 billion people use the Internet nowadays.

Digital version of the journal is published in the optimal PDF format. “The scientific heritage” (digital version) is circulating for 10 days after the deadline for material for the next issue

The output data of the article is formed in accordance with international standards.